Turbomax that we repaired. Our reason for going to the repair in the first place wasn’t what you can see in this picture. We went to the boiler because our customer had hot water but no heating. So we changed the diverter valve to get them up and running. As you can see after investigation we found that the original engineer hadn’t wired in the room thermostat. This is why you need to make sure you get the right people in to do the job in the first place!! Cheap labour isn’t skilled, Skilled labour isn’t cheap!

Vaillant Turbotax Repair

Another dreaded F75 fault code on a Vaiilant Ecotec this week! As with all F75 faults, we carry out the same protocol! The boiler gets drained, expansion vessel re-charged, boiler cleaned thoroughly and replacement on any parts needed!

Vaillant F75

Boiler repair on this Vaillant Turbomax. After diagnosing the problem with the boiler, we drained it down and replaced the faulty pump, and the boiler was working like brand new!

Vaillant Turbomax

Another Vaillant Turbomax repair in Epping, Essex. Called out because the customer complained of fluctuating hot water, this is usually caused from a blocked plate heat exchanger, and in this case, it was exactly this!!! So after replacing the blocked plate heat exchanger, we also needed to install a system filter to protect the new plate and existing boiler!

Vaillant Turbomax Repair

Fluctuating hot water on a Vaillant Turbomax in Chelmsford, Essex last week. New plate needed and system filter fitted to heating return pipework!

Turbomax Repair

Another Vaillant boiler repair this week, in Leigh-on-sea, Essex. We had a call from the customer complaining that the hot water would only work with the heating on! Another very common problem with this model of Vaillant boiler.

Not the easiest of diverter valves to change, with the pump needing to be removed to get access to everything it can be a bit tricky to replace, so when we come to change these valves, a cup of coffee is a must!

After removing and replacing the faulty valve, the boiler was given the once over and left in perfect working condition!

Vaillant Turbomax