What is a unvented system?

A Megaflo system or Unvented system is a high pressure system.

The water supply comes from the mains which allows for pressure and flow rates at your taps and showers.



What area do you cover?

I am based in Thurrock, Essex, So I have great link roads to anywhere in London and Essex. I also cover anywhere in and around the M25. I have a lot of customers in North and East London already so I am often in the area. I also have customers all over Essex, From Epping to Colchester! So the basically if you need me, i’ll be there!!!

F75? What is this fault code?

The f75 is a very common fault code with the Vaillant Ecotec boilers. The fault code comes from a pressure sensor in the boiler that does not notice a difference in pressure across the main heat exchanger! ( A lot of words i know! ) There are different reasons for this happening, firstly and the most common is a faulty pressure sensor, other problems that can cause the f75 fault code are blockages throughout the boiler restricting the water flow through the main heat exchanger to the sensor. A faulty pump is also another cause, if the pump isn’t running properly or is blocked then this will cause problems.

We are experts will vaillant boilers, advise is free so please give us a call.

What’s covered in a landlord safety certificate?

Everything! All appliances are checked on a landlord certificate as well as the gas pipework.

Why does my hot water keep fluctuating from hot to cold?

There is usually only one cause for fluctuating hot water, and this is that the plate heat exchanger is blocked. This is caused by the central heating sludge getting into the boiler and blocking it up. A common reason for this that we come across is that there is no system filter on the boiler.

Do I need my boiler or unvented cylinder serviced yearly?

Yes, we recommend that you have your appliances serviced every year. Having a yearly service makes sure that everything is working safely and efficiently. Unlike many companies that offer servicing, we carry out a full strip down of the appliance, which also allows us to find any other problems before they cause serious damage to the appliance and the wallet.

How soon can you get to me?

We always aim to be with you and solve the problem within 24 hours, we understand that with repairs you want them fixed as soon as possible, so that’s our aim!

How long does it take to repair my boiler?

Usually we can diagnose your problem within the first 45 minutes of arrival. Once the problem is found its then a case of replacing the parts. This we can’t put a time limit on, you never k now the problems you may come across, but with our fixed repair charge, you don’t need to worry about the hourly rate!!!

How much will it cost to replace my boiler?

There is no set price to replace your boiler, there are so many factors to take into account, position of existing boiler, gas supply to existing boiler ( if the supply isn’t big enough, the required gas pressure will not be met ). Boiler manufactures offer different warranty’s with the boiler from 2 years to 10 years, which all affect the cost. We don’t do budget boilers, and will not miss anything. We can come round and give our professional advice for free, so give us a call!