Vaillant boiler servicing.

Vaillant boiler servicing.

This week has been a busy week for boiler servicing, and all on vaillant boilers, just what we like! We have carried out full scope servicing on the vaillant Turbomax and also the Vaillant Ecomax. With the full scope service the boiler gets the care and attention thats needed just before the cold winter months […]

Winter is coming, are you ready!!

With winter on its way, we are getting calls coming in thick and fast to make sure that boilers a ready for another cold winter! With a full strip  down service from £69.00 why not give us a call and book your service in now!!

Baxi boiler installation

New baxi boiler installed this week in Westcliff, Essex. Baxi are a good, reliable boiler and we where happy to fit it! As with every boiler we install a magnaclean system filter was fitted for the boilers protection as well as looking after the heating system itself. With this boiler Baxi provide a great 7 […]

Vaillant eco tec F75

Got yet another call for the Vaillant Eco tec F75 fault code this week in North london, N12.  We get a lot of calls for the F75 code, it is a very common problem with the Eco tec range. The problem with this fault is that there are a number of things that can cause […]

Ideal Vogue

Ideal offer a great 10 year warranty with there Ideal Vogue. So not only will a new boiler save you ££££ on your bills, with a 10 year warranty on the boiler, there will be no Engineer call out charges to fix your boiler. As long as your boiler is serviced each year, you have […]

We install Magnaclean system filters

Need a Magnaclean system filter installed? We can help. Having A magnaclean system filter installed in your home has so many benefits that most home owners dont realise. The first of many uses for the filter is boiler pretection, with a magnaclean installed on the return from your heating system will stop the dreaded ‘ […]

Another Megaflo Repair By Calgas.

Had a call over the weekend from a customer in Hatfield Broad Oak asking for us to go and repair their megaflo unvented system, saying they had no hot water! Within less than 30 minuets of arrival the problem was diagnoised and fixed. A new stat fitted and the electrical connections crimped to make a […]

Boiler service

Today we carried out another boiler service in North london. We only carry out a full service, we dont take a quick anayliser reading and leave! Depending on the boiler we may need to replace combustion chamber seals, but on every service the burner is removed and cleaned. As well as the ignition electrodes and […]