Megaflo Repair.

A customer from Rochford, Essex gave me call this week, with the problem that they didn’t think the pressure is a good as it should be!

This is a very common problem with not just the megaflo system but all unvented systems. The reason for the pressure drop on the system is down to the cold water valve failing.

So the solution to the problem was easy, replace the cold water valve, but when I arrived I found that actually replacing would need a little more work than usual!

The installation on the megaflo was very poor, and dangerous! The pipework needed to be altered to meet the requirements for unvented systems!

After altering the pipework and installing a new cold water valve, the system is back to working at its best!

Its is a requirement that anyone working on, or installing an unvented system, has a unvented ticket, this shows that have sat the exams and understand exactly how they work! Please make sure you choose a engineer, not just a plumber who thinks he understands what he is doing!

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