New Combination Boiler

New Combination Boiler

One of this weeks jobs has been to install a new combination boiler in Corringham, Essex. We fitted this new Potterton titaniam combination boiler, with a 7 year parts and labour warranty. All the existing tanks had to be removed along with the hot water cylinder and original boiler. With this new pressurised system both […]

New Vaillant boiler

This new Vaillant boiler was installed by us in Grays, Essex. With the customer having a new loft conversion, extension and adding extra bathrooms to the property, it was time that the original heating and hot water systems where upgraded. We installed a new Vaillant system boiler combined with a new 3oo litre unvented hot […]

Power flush, Essex!

This week we carried out another Power flush in East tilbury, Essex! This customer has boiler cover with one of the very well known large corporations. After there Vaillant boiler started coming up with intermittent F75 faults, they called in the company they have there boiler cover. When they arrived they told the customer that they could […]

Vaillant F61 fault code

This week I got the call for a Vaillant F61 fault code in Laindon, Essex.  The Vaillant F61 fault means that the gas valve control is defective. This can be down to a number of things. A short circuit in the cable harness to the gas valve, the gas valve itself can be defective or as in this case the […]

Vaillant Eco-tec

Called out to another Vaillant Eco-tec today in Benfleet, Essex. The customer complaining that the heating is coming on when the hot water is being called for. After arriving on site this morning to diagnose the problem, I found the problem to be the diverter valve. After draining down the boiler, checking a re-charging the […]

Megaflo Repair

Called out to a Megaflo Repair in South Woodham today. The customer called complaining that they had no hot water this morning when they woke up! Within 3 hours we arrived on site to find that the electrical connections on the immersion stat had blown. We replaced the stat, stripped back and crimped the electrical […]

New Ideal Vogue

Another new Ideal Vogue fitted in Bromley, Kent. We removed the existing cold water tanks in the loft, and the existing hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and installed a new ideal Vogue combination boiler with an amazing 10 year parts and labour warranty! All our installations include system filters for the boiler and […]

Summer Service Offer!

This summer we are offering a full scope boiler service anywhere in Essex for £65.00 This service isn’t a quick pop in and do the mandatory checks. We will remove the main burner for it to be cleaned. C lean the ignition electrodes (Over the course of the year a white powdery substance builds up […]

Megaflo Repair.

A customer from Rochford, Essex gave me call this week, with the problem that they didn’t think the pressure is a good as it should be! This is a very common problem with not just the megaflo system but all unvented systems. The reason for the pressure drop on the system is down to the […]

Vaillant Ecotec Service

There are a lot of people that don’t think having their boiler serviced is very important, and these are the people that usually get hit with unexpected repair charges! Boiler servicing is a simple process but can save a lot of hassle in the long run. I carry servicing on all ranges of Vaillant boilers, […]